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AngelinaBeadalina, aka Angela Greer Garren, aka Angie, aka AnFaye ~


She is ~ witty, smart, talented, & she is Just Plain Ol’ Ang to me!

I remember the first day I interacted with Ang – and it was on a glass forum ~  and I am so having a senior moment ~ but she sent me the most amazing bead like 2 years ago, and to this day after all I have been through ~ I know she is always going to be there for me ~ Her sculptural art bead work shows the purity of a woman ~

But ~ this you see below~ well ~ it sure is odd ~ it sure looks neither man nor woman to me ~ something so in between~

It is so distracting to write a post watching the Oscars and a scene with two guys kissing – oh, dear! I gotta go, to much multi-tasking going on….

I just got that warm fuzzy feeling she was blogging about today ~ LOL

“Unity of Masculine and Feminine reflects the glimmer of recognition that neither God nor Goddess would be complete alone. The beauty of femininity is only enhanced by masculine elements, and masculine elements are made more accessible when softened by feminine qualities. Celebrate both!” ~angelinabeadalina


© angelinabeadalina

Well Duh!


I had one of those “well duh” moments last night cruising “Facebook” ~
Let me just say ~  “BEAD PORN” smack me upside the head and open up that centerfold ~

When she was a little girl, she wanted to marry Batman!

She was a daydreamer, the teacher’s pet and to top it off a Pisces destined to become an artist.  It took her forty-five minutes to write her letter of resignation that consisted of three sentences!

As she walked away from that job she realized she could fulfill her dream.

That she did; she became that artist in 2004, she didn’t marry batman & bead porn is her inspiration ~

Her name ~ Dawn Scannell ~ her tag ~ Art Insomnia

She is the queen of Raku ~ yesterday was her birthday & “well duh!” I give you the bead porn she creates ~

copyright all rights reserved Dawn Scannell

copyright all rights reserved Dawn Scannell

The Tillerman’s of Todmorden


I met this lovely lady over the internet, she lives in TodMorden with her hunk of of husband who creates ~ Contemporary Lampworked Glass Beads like these ~ Pencelli ~ he tagged it *hear me giggle** ~ I am in love, I had no clue he could make such a kick ass big hole bead ~

copyright protected tillermanbeads.com

copyright protected tillermanbeads.com

Best Part about it ~ The are having a sale ~

A ‘Cabin Fever’ sale for everyone stuck indoors in the snow.  20% off handmade beads in various categories.
We’re off to York soon, for the Gem’n’Bead fair at the York Racecourse.  We’re also in York for a few days before to enjoy the Jorvik Viking Festival.  Although we won’t be trading at the festival itself this year we will have all the historic beads with us at the racecourse bead fair.

“Drop by and say hi if you’re in town she says”
Yea, sure dear ~ I shall just swim over the pond ~
Good luck my friend ~ sell well my friend from the land of cheese ~

Soft ~ Subtle Goddess a Women of Earth ~ a form of Deity ~


A Goddess assumed many aspects throughout history some have defined her as the virgin, a mother, a destroyer, a warrior, a huntress, a homemaker, an artist or healer.  Her abilities are increasing as with the advancement of glass technology & bead makers pushing their limits to capture the essence of her beauty.
For the collector, her image defines exaggerated sexual elements with magical powers to worship!

So as my last word, look at her closely and know that we as women all have ability to make a difference; however that key is how we use it!


Ability ~ copyright Nicole Valentine all rights reserved


Ability~ copyright Nicole Valentine all rights reserved

To purchase more of these beauties ~ visit Nicole’s shop ~

She melts snow too!

Pucker Up ~ Georgeous Shapes


copyright all rights reserved ~ Melissa Vess

copyright all rights reserved ~ Melissa Vess

“Well she’s all you’d ever want
She’s the kind they’d like to flaunt and take to dinner
Well she always knows her place
She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner.

She’s a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, she’s a Lady
Talkin’ about that little Lady, and the Lady is mine”
Inner Realm Creations

Gothic Bobble Heads ~ Smile, Giggle & Grin


copyright all rights reserved marcy lamberson

American Gothic by Grant Wood ~ Marcy Lamberson is a very talented lampwork glass bead artist ~ she couldn’t help herself, she felt compelled to interpret this couple as an artist into one of her glass beady bobble heads. This couple is a limited edition, as no glass bead can be reproduced exactly the same, so take a closer look, giggle & grin I hope this makes you just a little happier by clicking in.

More of Marcy’s little Munchkins are located in her Esty store for instant satisfaction it’s your shop for bobble heads, beads and bangles. I even saw a lady in the bathtub ~

Side note taken from Wikipedia ~
Grant DeVolson Wood borne ~ (February 13, 1891 – February 12, 1942) was an American painter, born in Anamosa, Iowa. He is best known for his paintings depicting the rural American Midwest, particularly the painting American Gothic, an iconic image of the 20th century.

Marilyn Peraza-Arce


The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple’s a rose,
And the pear is, and so’s
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only know
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose–
But were always a rose.

Robert Frost

Its Not Just A Rose Flower

It's Not Just A Rose Flower

It’s fragile – it’s beautiful – it’s handmade scuptural lampwork glass ~
Peraza Beads ~ find out more about her here!

The Antics of Boobie Beads

“thar be a light that shines on th’ flame ‘n sprog someday you gonna be star creating these pirates yar”

I was going to talk to you all today about the anatomy of a bead hole, we can do that another day as I just must take pictures for you so that you to validate the fact that Michelle bead holes are free of release and perfectly puckered. It’s important for a designer to have a nice set of beads – “Great beads make Great Bracelets”

Michelle-Marie Lusk is her name and flame working full time is her game!

From Pirates to Sheer Satin she can do it all.

For instance take a look at this guy WOW ~ what a little cutie pie!

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank Series ~ Michelle Lusk all rights reserved

She says!
“I have been asked why I show a pic in my hand…two reasons:
1. Just to get a size perspective!
2. So you can see what these beads will look like against a body.
” I am more than happy to entertain colour requests as well…just give me a shout!
calienteglass is where you can read my regular blog.

Just one more note ~ and she hand pulls cane too!

Shop her Etsy Store ~ Mr. Pirate is still awaiting a new home.

Simply the Best ~ Ask Sara

She is Simple the Best

She is Simple the Best

Soft Flex Girl

Simply the BEST beading wire. Soft Flex Company is the leading innovator in the manufacturing of beading wire. The real difference between us and all the other brands? We are passionate about beading.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Soft Flex Company is teaming up with the Glass Challenge to bring you a really neat contest. You must use the world’s first eco-friendly beading wire, Extreme Soft Flex Wire in any diameter & color.

( it’s bendy, it’s curly, it flexible, and I like it!)

Get it and you will give it a good Thumps Up A Number 1 Wire too!

Get it and you will give it a good Thumps Up A Number 1 Wire too!

You must create a pendant, bead or beads using recycled materials. You may mix in other beads: crystals, gemstones, glass, etc but at least one item in the design has to be a recycled product. To learn more about this challenge and the prizes, drop by their website.

Jockey Celebrate’s 75 years of Whitey Wighty’s!

Found this article here

Just thought I would bump up my blog!

Join the party!

They gathered, they looked at the camera, and they said, “Briefs!”

What else would you say when the occasion is a group photo of the 350 employees of Jockey International Inc., marking the 75th anniversary of the invention of men’s briefs?

Tighty-whiteys? In these fashionable times, men are wearing at least as much color as white under their clothes, according to Sally Tomkins, Jockey senior vice president of design.

Men’s underwear has come a long way since the 1934 introduction of briefs by Jockey. The style was considered daring at the time, an era when guys had a choice of boxer shorts and union suits.

Briefs were invented after an executive of the company, which was then known as Coopers Inc., received a postcard from the French Riviera showing a man wearing a bikini-style swimsuit. The executive, Arthur Kneibler, thought the style would work as underwear.

The Jockey brief was first sold at Marshall Fields in Chicago on Jan. 19, 1935. It was a sellout, in spite of a blizzard that day.

Coopers Inc. changed its name to Jockey in 1971.

The celebration at the company’s Kenosha headquarters included a ceremonial signing by employees of several pairs of the largest briefs Jockey makes (waist size: 60), and the group photo. Everyone received free mini-brief key rings and folding chairs.

“It’s exciting,” said owner and Chief Executive Debra Waller.

Jockey’s celebration comes at a time when men’s underwear has gained attention as an economic indicator.

A report on National Public Radio earlier this year discussed the theory voiced by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: Underwear is the first place where a man will cut back in tough times because no one sees it. So a drop in sales of men’s underwear would be a sign that the economy is in trouble.

If that’s true, better times may be just ahead. A report from the NPD Group in Port Washington, N.Y., for the first half of 2009 shows male underwear is one of the only categories of apparel that went up in sales, up 4.8 percent.

It helps to have a big brand name, Waller said. But she’s not happy that some refer to all briefs as “Jockey shorts” – not all are Jockey, she fretted.

A 2008 report from NPD Group showed that sales of briefs represent just 25 percent of all men’s underwear bottoms sold that year.

Boxer briefs are the biggest trend now, designer Tomkins said.

Tomkins gets a lot of feedback from consumers.

“People love to talk about their underwear,” she said.

Betsy Morton, senior vice president of human resources, agreed that it’s sort of an occupational hazard.

“It’s amazing how many people will talk about their underwear,” Morton said. “They show it to us.”

Plugging for my friends ~

Like reading a science fiction novel of an alien invasion of Martians in my community digging in from North to South, East to the West and in between only to discover that this Martian colony will have to some day succumb to the effects of bacteria , to which they have no immunity.

What a great way to market and plug the glass bead world ~
Sit back watch the drama, eat candy and drool over the best of the best, support our community and BUY BEADS & Jewelry!

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    The plot thickens ~

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    Thank you Holly for giving me the heads up! Visit her blog as well!

    An Etsy artisan who is keeping track of everyone defamed on the nasty blag.

    An article about her on The Consumerist website

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    “Hot Poker Lady” coming ~ GaGa ~ Pop Fizzel

    Why this article ~ well I think she knows, if you can dish it out you sure better be able to take it!

    I grabbed this picture off the internet and it reminded me of the “Hot Poker Lady”, she is a blast and so much fun to tease! She is a true inspiration to me!

    Ga Ga Poker Lady ~

    Ga Ga Poker Lady ~

    A fireplace poker (also known as a “stoker”) is a short, rigid rod, preferably of fireproof material, used to adjust coals and wood fuel burning in a fireplace. It is often metallic and has a red hot chili pecker point at one end for pushing burning materials (or a hook (OR LOOP) for pulling/raking.

    Small pokers are adequate for small fires  ~
    ~but to avoid radiation burns to the user, they must be increasingly long, as the size of the fire becomes larger.

    Tools make it possible to handle a fire without risk of burns or blisters.
    Many fireplace studio sets also include a small broom. I saw 2 in her studio ~

    Derived from Wiki

    Wonder if the lady who made this beautiful hand blown glass ornament needs thank you cards for an up and coming event she will be attending ~ **shock**